Eskbank, Skelmersdale

2 and 3 bed town homes

Skelmersdale Housing


A brownfield development site

Our scheme at Eskbank is located within an existing residential estate on the site of the Former Eskbank Nursery in the Digmoor Ward of Skelmersdale.



The rectangular plot of land sits within a typical ‘Radburn’ estate layout with a mix of terraced properties, areas of hardstanding accessed by footpaths that lead to areas of parking and some areas of open green space.


13 new homes

The development provides 13 new affordable homes for West Lancashire Borough Council including nine two-bedroom houses and four three-bedroom houses.



• Works started in September 2020
• Building work completed September 2021

The site layout seeks to work with the surrounding design to reinforce the positive characteristics of the walk-up streets while avoiding some of the awkward and constraining layouts of the past.

It takes advantage of the design of existing dwellings which avoid having principal habitable rooms fronting footpaths and which maintain private amenity by having principal habitable rooms opening onto garden space to the rear of dwellings.

The completed Affordable Rent properties will be owned and managed by West Lancashire Borough Council.


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