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Our Objectives

It’s worth reminding ourselves what it is we’re seeking to achieve, because our success in doing so will mean a great deal to the different communities in West Lancashire.

Tackling the borough’s housing and economic imbalance

We will work to ensure that West Lancashire’s continuing economic growth helps to unlock greater housing and economic diversification and seek to maximise social value with each project.

We have already delivered £13m of projects within the borough.

Delivering more home ownership for low to middle-income households

Where possible, we will bring home ownership through tenures such as affordable rent-to-buy and shared ownership to areas often overlooked by mainstream housing developers. Our proposed new schemes in Hesketh Bank and Skelmersdale demonstrate this.

Local area revival

Ensuring that housing investment is used as both a lever and stimuli to enable the revival of economically challenged sites, neighbourhoods, and districts across the borough, including our proposed schemes at Digmoor and Egerton in Skelmersdale.

Supporting under-served people

We will seek to build innovative homes to address local housing needs and for those under-served such as larger families, the elderly, and others with specific needs, enhancing their health and well-being and encouraging community cohesion and integration, such as the bungalows we are building at Fairlie and intend to build at Hesketh Bank.

Climate change

Tawd Valley Developments will be a flag bearer for good design and will ensure that all scheme assessments include a measure of carbon output. Where possible, we will strive for lower carbon output development and energy efficiency in all of our affordable homes and business spaces. Our scheme at Fairlie will provide lower carbon development with some homes built to ‘future homes’ standards and the scheme we are planning for Egerton will provide the same.

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