Fairstead, Skelmersdale

1 bed flats | 2 and 3 bed town homes

Skelmersdale Housing


Enhancing an existing scheme

Our scheme at Fairstead is situated within the north east corner of the existing Fairstead housing estate, in the Ashurst Ward of Skelmersdale, West Lancashire. 

The site is 'L' shaped and prior to our development, comprised mainly grass, trees and shrubs.


14 new homes

The proposed scheme will provide 14 affordable new homes for West Lancashire Borough Council,  comprising of eight apartments located in two, two storey blocks and six semi-detached dwellings in a new cul-de-sac arrangement forming around a new road. Parking for residents will be provided in a combination of private and communal parking spaces.



The new homes have been designed to respond to their immediate context in Skelmersdale, where they will be in close proximity to a number of existing buildings of a similar height.



• Work started in November 2020
• Building work due to be completed by November 2021

The houses and apartments have been designed with large windows to maximise daylight with all properties benefiting from recessed front entrances to provide shelter and a sense of arrival for the occupants and their visitors. 

The proposed design has drawn inspiration from local examples of older housing and their typologies, as well as surrounding building components, landscaping and materials.

The completed Affordable Rent properties will be owned and managed by West Lancashire Borough Council.