Fairlie, Skelmersdale

1 bed flats | 2 and 3 bed homes

Skelmersdale Housing


Providing valuable local accommodation

Tawd Valley Developments (TVD) has secured consent for 50 new homes on Fairlie in the Ashurst and Birch Green neighbourhoods of Skelmersdale. The scheme will develop land previously used as a playing field for the former Fairlie Primary School.


50 new homes

The £8.3m development will be the company’s largest scheme to date and will include 30 two storey houses, 8 bungalows and 12 apartments.


Context and design

The scheme is designed by Liverpool-based John McCall Architects advised by ARP Associates as engineers.

The development will be of the same quality as our recently completed Eskbank scheme, but with a wider range of housing types to meet the differing needs of local people.



• Work starts in Spring 2022
• Building work due to be completed mid 2023


June '22

Fairlie Scheme Update 06/22

We are delighted to announce that we have this week started our largest scheme to date, building 50 new, high quality affordable homes on the former Fairlie Playing Fields site to the north of Fairhaven.

The scheme has been reviewed and approved by the local planning department and we are delivering these new homes for West Lancashire Borough Council.

The 50 new homes will comprise semi-detached, terraced, 2 storey apartments and bungalows.

The scheme will also incorporate external works such as the new access road and the redesigning of the existing public walkways.

The access road will be via Fairburn and we will be creating a car park area for existing residents at the top of Fairburn.

Works started on the 30th of May 2022 and are to be completed by May 2024 making this a two year scheme from start to finish..

Initial Phase of Works

The initial works will involve making the site secure. This means we will close off some of the public walkways for which we have the relevant permissions, and signage and safety measures will be put in place to help you use alternative routes.

For the first phase of the scheme, we will concentrate on getting the access road completed as well as the relocated walkways, plus the new car parking area so that we can then open this back up to the public as soon as possible.

We anticipate this phase of works to take 3 months between June and September 2022.

Once this is complete, we will move onto the groundworks and infrastructure for the main site. Building new roads and foundations as well as foul and surface water drainage and all incoming mains, utilities, and services.

We’ll do our very best to minimise disruption and have already sequenced works in this respect. We do of course apologise for any inconvenience that our works may cause.

Regular updates
We aim to provide regular updates throughout the life of the project and will update our website on a monthly basis as well as writing to residents who live around the site again, before the next major phase begins. In addition, we will provide an information board at the site entrance which we’ll update on a regular basis.
If there’s anything you’d like to discuss, please don’t hesitate to contact the TVD team, our email addresses are on the Our Team page. Alternatively the site manager who works for our contractor Whitfield and Brown can be contacted on the email address . Once the initial area is completed, the site manager will be on site permanently who will always help with any concerns.
We look forward to the successful delivery of this scheme. Thank you for your support, patience and understanding.
Mark Kitts
Managing Director
Tawd Valley Developments Ltd.

Initial Phase of Works

The initial works will involve making the site secure. This means we will close off some of the public walkways for which we have the relevant permissions, and signage and safety measures will be put in place to help you use alternative routes. 

Fairlie Skelmersdale West Lancs building site

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